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How will the 2006 Tour de France be remembered, the race that never was?  Following investigations into systematic doping by authorities in Spain (Operation Puerto) and release of the legal documents by the Spanish judiciary there have been a number of very significant withdrawals from the 2006 Tour de France less than 24 hours before […]

One of the world’s largest biotech companies, Amgen, has recently announced its foray into the sports sponsorship world with the sponsorship of a professional cycling race. Amgen are an interesting company for the cycling world as they develop EPO, one of the performance-enhancing drugs the sport struggles to keep under control. On the surface it […]

The International Olympic Committee has conceded defeat in its effort to persuade the Italian government to impose a moratorium on a stringent law against doping during the Turin Games, which begin Feb. 10.”It is clear indeed that there will be no amendments on the law,” Jacques Rogge, the I.O.C. president, said Friday at the conclusion […]

As for the mission, it remains the same and it plagues us, constantly, like a knife in the back: to guarantee in the best possible way equal chances for all competitors, which evidently means respecting the rules. In other words, the war against doping. A war that is never entirely won, as we are only […]

An interesting article in the Guardian caught my eye today regarding the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the sport of professional cycling, with UCI doctor Mario Zorzoli and WADA chief Dick Pound both giving their opinions on whether the sport is doing enough to combat doping. Yes, says Dr Mario Zorzoli, Union Cycliste Internationale, doctor […]

The Professional Footballers’ Association says it will resist moves to introduce drug testing for players away from the training ground. BBC SPORT | Football | PFA to fight drug testing at home Once again the sport of football thinks it should be singled out for special treatment.  The PFA have now chosen to take on […]