Football League to breakaway from Premier League?


It’s a question I think needs considering.

Recent press reports talk of the Football League asking the Premier League for a greater distribution of its wealth following record income from the sale of TV rights. The last round of rights to be negotiated (for overseas rights) was valued at £625m, bringing the total income from the sale of media rights for the Premier League to £2.1bn.

I think the Football League would gain more credibilty amongst fans if it broke ties with the PL completely. The value of the Championship would increase dramatically, from both a media value perspective and amongst supporters, and subsequently permeate throughout the FL tier. The Championship is an exciting league in itself and is very much increasingly seen as ‘the real championship’ (nothing to do with the current sponors!).

I would still allow the transfer of players from the FL to the Premier League but perhaps share the revenue from transfers above the value of £500,000 amongst all teams within the FL.

I will have more to write on this in the future including further proposals to strengthen the case, the more I think about it the more I’m convinced it is the right move for the Football League.

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5 Responses to “Football League to breakaway from Premier League?”

  1. I agree – cannot see this happening. Too many federations will see the proposals as undermining their own attempts to promote soccer in their own country – perhaps USA may be the exception. This proposal is all about money and not developing soccer. Business gone mad.

  2. 2 John Lochrie

    Nice Post….keep it up !!!! Good job

    John Lochrie

  3. I firmly believe that the Premier are trying their best to stop this as it will end up like F1 and we do need that in our great sport!


  4. You don’t need to match the spending habits of large companies to compete with them. Good managers, cooperative owners and motivated workers with clearly defined roles can come up with the solutions that will attract customers and help you win in the marketplace. This is according to Raz Silberman.

  5. true: – Biznys gone mad …. very good article

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