Adopt a German…most bizarre yet!


The World Cup marketing campaigns of the big sportswear manufacturers have begun in earnest. We’ve got Joga from Nike and +10 from Adidas to name the obvious. The strangest campaign I have come across so far is Puma’s ‘Adopt-a-German’.


The idea behind ‘Adopt-a-German’ is for 12 German people to represent their city, which is a host city in the World Cup, across the rest of Europe in the Adopt-a-German Tour. Visitors to the site can adopt one of the ambassadors and follow their European tour via individual blogs, where the general day seems to be press call in the local Puma store followed by party in the evening.

 It all seems a little pointless to me, I’d be happy to hear from anybody who can explain the idea behind this campaign?

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5 Responses to “Adopt a German…most bizarre yet!”

  1. 1 jason

    I think its a bit of fun but also for Puma to take a more original approach to linking itself the world campaign rather than just brash marketing!

  2. It was a great experience! ;o)

  3. Kerstin, it looked like it was a good trip for the ‘chosen ones’. Are you doing anything for Puma during the World Cup in Germany?

  4. We met in Berlin last weekend (I was ill so I couldn’t be with them..) and now we’re waiting for Puma telling us what to do 😉

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