Baddiel and Skinner keep up with the Times in World Cup podcast


David Baddiel and Frank Skinner are to host a number of podcasts during this summers World Cup in Germany.  Following the lead of Ricky Gervais’ popular comedy podcast, backed by the Guardian, Baddiel and Skinner will produce 9 football-themed podcasts.

Whilst I am sure these podcasts will be funny it does worry me that celebrity names are being associated with podcasts at such an early stage in this relatively new form of media.  There are plenty of excellent podcasts out there which deserve an audience just as those sponsored by newspapers. These podcasts will eventually need to bring on board advertisers but with the likes of Gervais and Baddiel & Skinner getting involved I feel that brands will, in the future, only be interested in ‘celebrity’ podcasts.  A real shame.

I can forgive Baddiel and Skinner if they produce anything as funny as the original Fantasy Football aired on BBC2 and if they guarantee not to sing.

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