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David Baddiel and Frank Skinner are to host a number of podcasts during this summers World Cup in Germany.  Following the lead of Ricky Gervais’ popular comedy podcast, backed by the Guardian, Baddiel and Skinner will produce 9 football-themed podcasts. Whilst I am sure these podcasts will be funny it does worry me that celebrity […]

Reading an article in The Guardian newspaper today and had a real sense of déjà vu. G14,comprising 18 of Europe’s richest football powers, has launched an attempt to kill off the Champions League in its present form and seize ownership of the game’s most prestigious club competition. The G14 group, whose members include Manchester United, […]

ESPN launched their first channel into the UK market today with their archived sports offering ESPN Classic Sport. The channel offers some interesting content but whether it will gain enough viewers in the UK to make it viable will remain to be seen. I was glad to see that the opening night included England’s victory […]

I’ve recently returned to the King of Shaves website to see how they had reacted to the performances of their sponsored Great Britain athletes at the Winter Olympics in Turin. Never ones to take themselves too seriously they have adapted their King of Skeleton game to include Kristan Bromley and Silver Medal winning Shelley Rudman. […]