Vodafone revs up with McLaren F1 – Silver Arrows become Red Arrows


Mobile telecoms company Vodafone today announced that they would become the title sponsor for McLaren-Mercedes Formula One team for a period of 10 years with a review after 5. This means that they will not be renewing their sponsorship of the Ferrari team of which Michael Shumacher has given the brand significant exposure with multiple world championship wins. The change in sponsorship is perhaps down to a number of factors:-

  • Vodafone will use the Mclaren-Mercedes relationship to bolster marketing activities in the UK and in particular Germany where it has recently added two new directors, including marketing.

Clearly the company has no concerns over a potential split in Formula One but does have some kind of insurance in the review period after 5 years.

Some of the other properties Vodafone sponsors, e.g. the England and Wales cricket team, must now be waiting for the call, or otherwise, with regards to their sponsorship.

Both Manchester United and Ferrari’s corporate colours were red, same as Vodafone’s, I guess we’ll have to get used to the ‘Silver Arrows’ becoming the ‘Red Arrows’.

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One Response to “Vodafone revs up with McLaren F1 – Silver Arrows become Red Arrows”

  1. I read today actually, that ING are about to sign a sponsorship deal with Renault.

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