BSkyB uses football to push HDTV


Look like BSkyB will remain at the forefront of sports programming over the next couple of years with news that they will be using sport to push its brand new HDTV service in 2006.

Sky Sports HD will be spearheaded by HD coverage of live Premiership football games and Premiership rugby union and will also include Live Test and One-Day international matches played in England.

Digital Spy: Sky outlines programmes in HD lineup

Marry up their world-leading coverage of football with the improved viewing experience offered by HDTV means that sports fans are in for a real treat from 2006.  I would like to think that the the offering of an HDTV service will not mean a big increase in subscription fees for those wishing to use the service, particularly in light of the company losing exclusive rights to show live Premier League football.

It remains to be seen how quickly the take-up will be from consumers for the required hardware to watch sports in HDTV format but BSkyB are once again using sport as a driver to push innovative technologies.

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