Football League wants agents frozen out


The Football League is to tighten up the way payments are made to players’ agents in transfer deals, in an effort to bring more transparency to the game.

BBC NEWS | Business | Football League target agent fees

The football league are to ask the 72 clubs whether they want to ban payments to agents by clubs, effectively meaning the players will need to pay the agent.  Is this a move to squeeze agents out as players are reticent to pay their agent themselves?

The proposal’s are put forward to stop agents being paid by both the club and the player during a transfer.  This is already illegal under FIFA rules so I fail to see what the Football Leage are trying to acheive.  Their focus would be better served by putting pressure on the FA to police agents more closely and when evidence of wrongdoing is bought to the authorities attention that it is then dealt with strongly.

The FA are weak on policing football agents – this is undisputable.  Any dubious activity in the English game by agents and football officials within the transfer of players is predominantly due  inaction by the FA, there is no fear of law-breaking.

Clubs are implicitely involved in the transfer system and few have shown an interest in banning the payment of agents fees.  Ultimately clubs will also do whatever it takes to win the services of the player.

Blame the agents, blame the clubs, blame the governing bodies – until somebody takes responsibility and a firm hold on the transfer system, little will change.

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