A break from the bore at MUTV


The tabloid press in England has taken a great interest in Manchester United captain Roy Keane’s supposed comments regarding his team-mates on the club’s own TV channel MUTV. After giving, some would say justified, criticism of his team-mates, it would appear the interview has now been blocked from being aired by Manchester United Chief Executive David Gill and manager Alex Ferguson. The club has not made any official comment but it does bring to light how a sports organisation at times fails to control it’s own in-house communcations.

In-house TV channels have become popular with the likes of Real Madrid TV, Chelsea TV, AC Milan and Barcelona all launching their own channels in the past 5 years or so. Depending on the rights available, the schedules are packed with delayed footage of league games, live reserve team games and endless interviews with the players and coaching staff. How many times can you see that exclusive ‘behind the scenes look’ at the changing rooms?

Interest from the wider public in these channels is limited except when things tend to go wrong. The manager at Manchester United does not speak to the club’s own channel, MUTV, following a spat over questioning during a recent press conference from one of it’s reporters.


The Mirror reveals that Alex Ferguson’s one man crusade against the media continues today after he has refused to talk to Manchester United’s official TV station MUTV. The move comes after presenter Paul Anthony criticised the Scot’s tactics after United’s goalless draw with Villarrel last week and, unless club officials can help heal the rift, MUTV will join the BBC who Fergie also refuses to talk to after a documentary entitled ‘Fergie and Son’ angered him by, he felt, portraying son Jason Ferguson as a scheming businessman.

What The Papers Say: 20-09-2005

And now we have Roy Keane, openly cristicising his own team-mates, on the club’s own TV channel. Of course, MUTV may or may not broadcast the Keane comments, they’ll let the story run, let it build, but eventually, as always, they will offer the most interesting excerpts to the mainstream media which makes me wonder why anybody would subscribe to these channels in the first place.

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