Kenyon takes Chelsea down familiar route


Good interview in todays Independent newspaper in the UK with Chealsea Football Club’s Chief Executive Peter Kenyon in which he talks about his plans for the club and tries to explain how he is doing things differently at Chelsea.

Interestingly, while North America is a focus for growth for the club, Kenyon still see China as an important market, despite the country posing difficulties in terms of controlling the production of counterfiet replica shirts. And how will the club’s activities work in the States? They just haven’t taken to football (soccer), yes, there are a great deal of young kids playing the sport but in terms of commercialising the sport, many clubs from Europe have tired and failed in this market, don’t forget Kenyon was responsible for the Manchester United – New York Yankee’s tie-up which in the end turned out to seemingly be nothing more than a press conference.

On the other hand Kenyon has been a pretty impressive player in the domestic market, Chelsea are winning over fans, have become the new darlings of the written press and have made some pretty shrewd deals in the transfer market. It help’s when you have a billionaire owner, Roman Abramovich, backing your decisions.

In another tie-up with BSkyB, Chelsea is involved in a reality TV show on Sky One, made by indy company North One, called Football Icon, allowing teenagers the chance to compete for a player’s contract at Stamford Bridge. “These type of reality shows have been pushed around the industry for a long time,” says Kenyon. “This one was different from the rest, not a fly on the wall but well structured and reaching a broader audience of kids which is an important factor. It had the ultimate prize of a year’s contract to play youth team football at Chelsea. If we can find the undiscovered talent it’s good for everybody.”

Independent Online Edition > Media

I prefer the opinion of Guardian columnist Martin Kelner, it’s just a re-hash of a few reality TV programming concepts but I guess if it keeps ‘the brand’ out there…

Chelsea’s chief executive Peter Kenyon came on to the show to say it was about “supplementing our scouting system” but, call me old-fashioned, I saw it more as an attempt to borrow a little Premiership football gloss to add lustre to a tired old TV format.

Guardian Unlimited Sport | Columnists | Football’s gloss fails to rescue dream killer

The trick is to keep the ‘brand-building’ moving in a way which will not affect your core support, the core support that is currently being charged £48.

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