Ronaldinho Crossbar Ping Pong Video gets Viral


I was watching Sky News Sportsline show on Friday evening and came across some grainy video footage of Barcelona’s Brazilian striker Ronaldinho performing kick-ups on a training pitch then volleying the ball from outside the penalty area against the crossbar and catching the ball on his chest, he repeated this no less than four times without the ball hitting the ground. It was quite amazing.

The grainy footage makes it look like the video was secretely taken on a mobile phone but I soon realised this was not so when up popped a credit with the words ‘’.

Having been to the Nike Football site and seen the video for myself it is obvious that it was not taken using a mobile telephone, but with a broadcast standard camera. It still looks very cool, but not quite the secret footage I had hoped it would be. It’s an ad for Nike’s new Tiempo Legend football boots.

Nonetheless Nike have done a great job here and the video is spreading across the net as ‘Ronaldinho Crossbar Secret Footage’, even though there is much discussion over whether the video has been cleverly edited. It’s certainly getting viral and the fact that it has been made downloadable increases the potential of this video getting to Nike’s target market. I wish they had made a lower resolution version available to download to mobile phones then we could really have seen a great web & mobile viral marketing campaign.



Nike lead global producer, David Reti, talks about the Ronaldinho campaign on the New Media Age website, saying that there will be no above-the-line spend and the company has made a conscious decision to go down the viral route.


The video is also being pushed through a viral campaign and Reti sees podcast directories as adding another powerful viral element.The campaign is also running across mobile, with a dedicated video WAP site. “With mobile or podcasting, if you have good content that’s user-activated, you can build a sense of awareness that’s very good value for money,” said Reti.


I would like to have seen mobile downloads available from the website, and perhaps a smaller sized movie on the website which could have been emailed around to friends, a 30+MB movie really is not an option to email to friends, which some may see as a basic flaw in the viral marketing element of the campaign.  I tried to download the movie on my mobile early today but got a ‘no server access’ error message, one of the pitfalls of running a mobile marketing campaign, it’s difficult to get things right across all networks and handsets.


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  1. And this is how he do it 🙂 check the link…

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