Is cycling on something II?


As for the mission, it remains the same and it plagues us, constantly, like a knife in the back: to guarantee in the best possible way equal chances for all competitors, which evidently means respecting the rules. In other words, the war against doping. A war that is never entirely won, as we are only too sadly aware. We participate wholly in this ceaseless combat – technically, financially, morally – where it is possible, along with the delegated regulatory authorities.

We have this time called upon the most distinguished among them, the World Anti-Doping Agency and its Chairman. As we know only too well that in cycling, in sport in general, just as in all human activities, the options are always the same and it is either order or chaos that rules…

Tour de France 2006: welcome on the official website

The words above are from Jean-Marie Leblanc, Deputy Managing Director, and Christian Prudhomme, Direct of Cycling at ASO Sports, the organisers of the Tour de France during the unveiling of the 2006 Tour de France route.

Clearly, they want to be best of friends with WADA…

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3 Responses to “Is cycling on something II?”

  1. Do you think college or NBA basketball is better to watch?

  2. We don’t get to see much college basketball here in the UK, I did used to watch it quite a bit when we had it though. So I would have to say NBA right now.

  3. 3 p

    shouldn’t be a question of being better to watch that’s personnel taste & know how ,though i would agrea that basket like cycling is all too often ingnored in the UK

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