F1 does another U-turn


Next season will see the sixth change in the qualifying format in formula one history with the introduction of a new knock-out system that it is hoped will make the battle for starting positions more appealing to the global television audience than the present arrangement that sees the cars completing a single flying lap on an empty track.

Guardian Unlimited Sport | Formula one | Formula one: Formula one backs knockout qualifying

How many times will they change this before they completely confuse every single F1 fan? In 2006 there will be a 1 hour qualifying session where 5 cars will drop out every 15 minutes until we are left with the final 10 cars who will battle it out over 20 minutes in a ‘shoot-out’ for the top 10 places on the grid.

At least the FIA have recognised that nobody really understood qualifying in 2005 with Max Mosely saying, “Everyone realised that television and live audience needed a better spectacle and they were not getting a better spectacle.”

I never did understand how or why the TV companies allowed F1 to get away with a Saturday/Sunday split qualifying which meant that nobody really knew who was on pole position until they tuned in for the race on Sunday afternoon.

Other changes being mooted to make the sport more interesting include a new rear wing and one tyre supplier.

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One Response to “F1 does another U-turn”

  1. Well, the most important change they need to make is enable more passing. Whatever it is that needs to be done, I am tired of seeing lead changes in the pit lanes. It’s about time that we see some real passing like we saw in Suzuka this year. What say?

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