Slingbox ‘placeshifts’ your sports programming


I was listening to the excellent Sports Business Radio Podcast last night and an interview with Blake Krikororian, Founder/CEO of Sling Media who has come up with an interesting product. I’ll let their website tell you what their product is:-

Introducing the Slingbox™ — a groundbreaking piece of hardwired ingenuity that will literally transform the way you watch television. The Slingbox enables you to watch your TV programming from wherever you are by turning virtually any Internet-connected PC into your personal TV. Whether you’re in another room or in another country, you’ll always have access to your television.

Sling Media :: Welcome


The guys came up with the concept in 2002 when they couldn’t watch their San Francisco Giants team in the World Series while travelling on business. It’s an interesting idea, not sure how the whole media rights thing plays out with regards to sport.

Would this work in the UK? Well, rumours that BSkyB will be offering sports highlights, interviews and Sky Sports News bulletins via broadband to all of its Sky Sports subscribers and their recent acquisition of Easynet suggest that this is something that Digital TV companies will be offering themseves, this negating the need for a Slingbox™.

Still, it’s a great idea and one which will no doubt be of interest to sports fans.

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