NBA rules don’t suit the players


The NBA has now decided to tell its players what they can and can’t wear when on team business, this has caused an interesting reaction amongst players, media and fans. In addition to to making players wear suits the league has also issued a list of items which are not to be worn at any time while on league or team business, including sunglasses while indoors, headgear of any kind, headphones and chains, pendants and medallions.

Over the top? The players think so, the fans think so, but the media don’t, is this because the very people who influenced the decisions, ie. the sponsors, are the very same people spending big advertising dollars with these media companies?

The decision is now being seen as a race issue with many rightly pointing out that the NBA was quite happy to use hip-hop influences over the last couple of years to bring in younger fans, but now some of these younger fans have become players the influences that partly got them interested in the first place are no longer wanted.

I’m gonna miss some of Shaq’s hats…

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